Where : TNS Parsons Paris

Artistic practice is constantly evolving in correlation with technological innovations. In the 21st century, designers use of analog and digital materials have already redefined our relationship to our environment by allowing new types of interfaces with the material world. This studio class will focus on how new materials such as smart textiles, conductive inks, soft circuits, wearable computing challenge traditional ways of relating to objects, wearables, and space through new forms of interactions. We will begin by examining how traditional crafting techniques (embroidery, ceramics, carving, etc) can be interwoven with new materials and technologies to generate new behaviors and interactions.

Artisanal Tech will provide to students a range of skills to address contemporary notions of craftsmanship, usability, aesthetic value. The purpose will be to understand how things work and to try to redefine and reconstruct projects using this hybrid method, this will help us to increase interaction and to find simple way to make it. We will also discover that we can use technology as an aesthetic part of element and to not lock up in a black box. Throughout the course there will be an emphasis on project documentation and publication, technical construction, and aesthetic creation. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of physical computing or electronics, though it may be helpful.

Example of final project

SICK BEATZ//MAD STEPZ project by Dasha Ilina and Sanie Irsaeva

Abstract C_ /// A Drum Clock project by Carlotta Aoun

More info and project on the website of the class.