Where : TNS Parsons Paris

Today the reflexion about interaction and interface go through new kind of material, intelligent, the one that can react to the user, transmit informations, transform itself…

As student in a school of art and design, the knowledge of this material could be useful to imagine new paradigm especially in installation, art project, object conception. The class Hybrid Material will give to the students a preview of what exist today and how experiment to create combination that could be the first brick of their project. The process of experimentation about this material will explore intertwining raw and high-tech material (conductive ink, conductive thread and fabric, thermochromic ink, nitinol…) using traditional techniques such as knitting, screen printing, weaving, carving… The outcomes of this class will be a collection of intelligent materials, imagine and document by students, inspiring them for their future project.

Hybrid Material class

More informations on the website of the class “hybrid material