Where : ENSAD

SOA (studio objet augmenté) is a class teach with JB Labrune.

At the crossroads between traditional practices and the potentialities of the digital world, the Studio allows student to explore new forms of creation where the hand meets the machine creating a new kind of intelligence, to hybrid the dynamic behave of electronic environments. The Studio Objet Augmenté (SOA) cover the basic of interaction design between physical objects, made with traditional technics and virtual machines and objects through a serie of topic :
Introduction class (1)
Basic electricity (2)
Switch (1)
Keyboard Hacking (2)
ePaper (3)
eTextile (2+3)
Interactivity / real time (3+4)
Final project (6)
Final presentation (1)

Example of student project

Lapin veilleuse

Projet Psalmody / Enceintes papier

Student have present the work of the studio during the festival EXIT at Mac of Créteil


More information on the website of the studio.