Noisy papers workshop

Workshop given at ESAP Pau from 10/04/17 to 14/04/17. During this week, students have combine origami and conductive ink to create interface capable to manipulate noise. “A force de vouloir produire du son avec cette feuille de papier, ils n’en firent ressortir qu’un bruit de froissement et de pliage.“ Workshop picture More informations on the […]

Beams and Kaolin

“Module de recherche et création” teach with Antoine Desjardins at l’école nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. More details on the website of the class.  

Connected garments @PCA

CONNECTED GARMENTS is a class from the Master of Arts in Fashion Design: Haute Couture/Haute Technology at the Paris College of Art for the fall semester 2016. More details on the website of the class.


Some new pictures about it and during the exhibition “cuvée 2015”. The piece is knitted with the help of Claire Williams and with a pattern generate by a soft of Jérôme Saint Clair.