Conductive Bio plastic

Author(s): Martin De Bie

Following a workshop of Aniela Hoitink and Ricardo O’Nascimento on the bio plastic, give during the Taiwan eTextile summer camp, i decide to produce my own version with graphite powder to make it conductive.


1- Gelatin (3 spoon)
2- Graphite powder (1spoon)
3-Glycerol (1 spoon)
4 Hot water (60ml)


Mix all element together (gelatin, glycerol, graphite and Hot water).

When the mix is homogenous, apply it on flat surface (here a sheet of acrylic) and leave it dry during at least 24h.


With the proportion that i use, you obtain a material with a lot of resistivity (here 1.2Mohm), but the interesting part is that bio plastic with graphite became piezo-resistive, so can easily make some pressure or bend sensor with it. This material is very interesting to mold, so plenty of opportunities.