Engraving with plotter

Author(s): Martin De Bie

Series of experimentations to use the plotter machine to engrave a generative pattern made on processing, on a copper sheet varnish for engraving.

Graphtec studio the software to use the plotter, in this case, the purpose is just to take of the varnish on the sheet of copper and not engrave the metal. After we will use acid to scrape it. For this i will use the minimum « speed » 1 and the minimum « cut force » 1.

When the copper sheet is finish to engrave, we process to the regular engraving process.

Acid bath —>

Prepare the piece of paper to print —>

Ink the copper sheet —>

 Final print

Some details take with a microscope to see the precision of the engraving and the print.

Special thanks to Luc Guérin.