Creation, organisation and design stage of the exhibition in collaboration with Martin Le Tiec and Juan Cristobal Karich.

This exposition presents prospective projects conceived through new creative processes coupled with a dynamic of sharing. From the digital world, data sharing and open source are now extending into the realm of the physical. This revolution allows designers to give birth to new ideas and new uses, with access to know-how and tools which were once inaccessible. Workshop prototypes, these Do-It-Yourself projects were re-dissected on a laboratory table, with sharing in mind, in order to give visitors the necessary elements to understand the creative process of each of these projects.

One of the main ideas at the heart of this exposition is the appropriation of the principles of physics and existing technologiesin order to integrate them, through hacking, into a creative process. They were adapted to meet the needs of innovation in the projects through a multitude of experiments which are described below. This approach led us to freely mix techniques, technologies and materials, both traditional and modern, creating a hybrid of sorts. You will see how designers re-invent their tools, develop “low-tech” technology appropriate to their projects and create intelligent materials, all to make the conception of interactive objects more accessible.

This exhibition have been develop with the research department of ENSAD and host by Le Laboratoire.

Exhibition (2011)