Project made during the Art Hack Day / Disnovate

Made from electronic waste this low cost device, «Macro Craft» allows people to make tiny pottery like playing a video game. The result of this process will be, by his size and his precision, insignificant to highlight the fact that their are some place where technology and innovation are not mandatory.

“The idea is to use technology to recreate traditional techniques, but doing it in a certain way with technology to make it super bad and obsolete. “You’ll try to play to make pottery, but pottery is very traditional and respectful, so you won’t really be able to do it. You’re just going to do some super tiny, shitty thing (…) It’s a critique of technology. You can’t just put technology everywhere, or innovation everywhere, there is some stuff that needs to stay traditional (…) I used laser cutting, I used 3D printing, and am putting all this technology and energy into a very small scale.”
Extract of an interview during the event.

Process pictures

Speculative craft machine (2014)