in collaboration with Juan Cristobal Karich and Martin Le Tiec.

With the project « SandBox of secrets » we managed to create a single delicate box, in nice thin oak wood, filled with a little bit of sand, this magical and poetical box uses simple gestures to record secrets or messages inside the sand. By digging and covering to record and save your thoughts. We can imagine this kind of object connected with other in different geographic place to exchange message in a new way.

This project is new version of a previous project use for the exhibition DesignLab. It was the visitors’ book of the exhibition. This installation was designed as a playful and poetic interface. Through a symbolic gesture, visitors bury their messages in the sand and let others discover them by digging them up.

At festival « Les Bains Numériques #8 »

interactive poetic objet (2012)

Presse :
– DesignBoom