free hardware electronic textile platform ( based on NE555 ) — All code in GPLv2 & content in Creative Commons CC0 & CC-BY-SA 4.0. Copyleft Collectif 0R.

Textilo is a simple board with an oscillator circuit made with a couple of components and a 555 timer. The purpose of this board is to allow people to have a small device ready to use and to make some experiment combining sensors made with different « e-craft » technic.

Since 2015, this tool has gone through different iterations. The first one have been made with JB labrune and was oriented textile. The board was build with neoprene for the substrate and copper polyester for the circuit.

Making of

Making / experimentation of Textilo

Workshop @TNS Parsons

Workshop Textilo @TNS Parsons Paris

More details and documentation here

The second version have been develop in collaboration with Adrian Freed pushing in this version the idea of the interdigitation to interact with sound. This new version have been produced for a workshop and improve during the eTextile springBreak.


More details and documentation here

The last iteration was a board produce during a travel in Shenzhen for a research project « Resilient craft electronics ». This version, create with Antoine Pintout, have a central board and two graphical « add-on » following the logic of interdigitation two play with it but the aim is to let people create their own pattern to play sound with the board.

Pedagogic tool in progress since 2015