“Topographie Digitale” is an interactive installation create with DataPaulette. This landscape uses electrically functionalized and pleated textiles as sensitive surfaces reacting to touch to interact with a video-projected digital clone of this scenery.

The project is an illustration of hybridization between our scientific discovery and traditional craftsmanship as a “creole” technique, a fundamental subject of research for our collective. We have, in this case, collaborated with the pleating specialist Maison Lognon, to investigate the combination of augmenting a textile both with new electrical functionality using in-situ polymerization, as well as the new physical affordances introduced by the patterns and textures of the pleated fabric. The pleated fabric, functionalized by this chemical treatment and the electronic system give birth to a material with a mixed heritage which is both technological and traditional, a prefiguration of a potential emerging craft.

The combination of crafts and technologies is an alternative to rethink the place of digital in our society in a more resilient way.

De toute façons… Design graphique et textile, Le Signe (17/10/19 – 22/03/20) Chaumont, France
The Ars Electronica Festival (2020) Linz, Austria

– STARTS Prize honorary mentions 2020