Since 2010, i give workshops and teach in different schools physical computing, interaction design and topics around my personal research on hybrid materials, intertwining traditional techniques with high-tech process.


Unité mobile et Manufactures innovantes — ENSAD
Introduction arduino / Creative coding — Mines Paris Tech
Soft interaction — PCA
Studio Objet Augmenté — ENSAD
Research and Innovation by Design — PSL-ITI
Design your productICN
Anonymat — ENSAD
Introduction eTextile — ENaMoMa


EMF sensing textilesetextile-summercamp Taïwan [tribe against machine]
Numeric art / creative codingENSIIE
Noisy papers ESAP PAU
Hydro workshop — DSAA LAAB Rennes
Introduction arduino / Creative codingMines Paris Tech
Hybrid material TNS Parsons Paris
Artisanat numérique ENSAD
Research and Innovation by DesignPSL-ITI
Studio Objet Augmenté ENSAD
Beams & KaolinENSAD
Connected GarmentsPCA


Sensing EMFs through textilesetextile-summercamp
PapierBoisCarton workshopDSAA LAAB Rennes
Numeric art / creative coding ENSIIE
CC by object — ENSAD
Research and Innovation by DesignPSL-ITI
Studio Objet AugmentéENSAD
Artisanal techTNS Parsons Paris


Discovering Electronic TextileStereolux
Numeric art / creative coding ENSIIE
Research and Innovation by DesignPSL-ITI
Une simplicité élaborée ENSAD
Studio Objet AugmentéENSAD
L’art du gesteENSAD
Artisanal tech TNS Parsons Paris


Shaping Materials/ 3D Printingetextile-summercamp
Numeric art / creative codingENSIIE
Oled ResearchENSAD
Studio Objet Augmenté — ENSAD


Textile meets digital fabrication: 3D printing and Vinyl cutter etextile-summercamp
Artisanat renouveléENSAD
Studio Objet Augmenté ENSAD


What if objects became alive? TNS Parsons New-York / ENSAD
Scarf 2.0 TNS Parsons New-York / ENSAD


Nomad structure —> Body extensionBoisbuchet
Intelligent Raw MaterialTNS Parsons New-York / ENSAD
Intelligent clothing interface, communicating among space and peopleTNS Parsons New-York / ENSAD